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What if you are living in a simulator and there is a world outside? Is there a chance to have a look at this world that is not meant for you to live in? The truly unbelievable answer is, “Yes, there is.” The Man who fell to Earth, told Art Blue how to travel faster than light, how to reach out to the Afterlife, how even a couch potato can travel to AMERIKA.

He told Art Blue so many things and one is “OUT OF SIM SITTING” which translates to “Per ardua ad astra.”

You travel to AMERIKA. You land on a platform. You enter the world of Gem Preiz. You explore the rooms and then you decide. Where you want to travel? What announcement catches your thoughts? You decide for a transport. You sit on a chair, then the chair moves. There are artworks located EAST where you can stand up from the chair and explore the world by walking and touching. There are also the northern territories where you can see what is there, but you have to stay seated all the time. The chair will pilot you and bring you back to AMERIKA.

The NORTH sim has no public access. Art placed there can’t be copied, because this world is an illusion. You sit out of sim. The chair is anchored to AMERIKA. All you see around you is the vision of an Afterlife from different angles. It is the old TV of 1976, a technology The Man who fell to Earth wants to leave behind. —



We walk inside inside the Gem Preiz installation along a circular pathway.

In each room are chairs where you will travel and explore the art outside. See a first demo made by Kiva Storm, a student at an undergrate school. Imagine you sit on such a chair and you leave the world behind.